7th Code Unlocked

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From the comments section
Puzzle 7: SALT
Gets you this puzzle http://truthhack.com/encrypted/site/puzzle_07_i...

Which subsequently leads you to this pdf file for printing out.

I'm not sure how to solve it. If anyone can give me a hint that'd be great.

To solve the puzzle:
cut out the 4x4 pattern and fold as if it was a "cootie catcher." Then fold to create the pattern that will reveal the letter. The first pattern of each pair is the front and the letter will be shown on the back, which is the second pattern in the pair.'
The solve is....................................................


Truth Hack - Unlocking The 6th Puzzle + Puzzle Solutions

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6th Lock Code
Unlock Keyword: company
Story: Andy
I am posting the solutions to the puzzles below. Do not read them if you want to figure them out yourself.

Puzzle 1

Puzzle 2
Solve: FACE

Puzzle 3

Puzzle 4
Solve: FIRE

Puzzle 5
Solve: BLUE

Puzzle 6
Solve: EIGHT

Variety Article - 3D Ads Featuring Bizarre Codes

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Hoping to attract a few more fanboys and gals to frosh thriller "FlashForward," ABC has started printing bizarre codes in certain print ads for the show.

When users hold the black-and-white codes up to a webcam, the picture on their computer screen turns into a 3-D ad for "FlashForward," featuring photos from the show. And if clicked, the pics turn into minute-plus clips from the show.

"It appears to play right out of the ad," said Darren Schillace, ABC Entertainment advertising/marketing veep. "Once you watch all the videos, it's a 10-minute experience. In the normal world, you'd never spend 10 minutes with a print ad." Dubbed "augmented reality," the experience was produced by ABC inhouse with help from its Web team.

Ads will appear in publications that target a tech-savvy audience, including Wired, Popular Mechanics and several gaming magazines. Users can also download the ad at the "FlashForward"-related website Jointhemosaic.com.

"We think it's fun and savvy enough for the group of fanboys that are out there," Schillace said.

The nets continue to look at ways to enhance their print ads: CBS, for example, is embedding a paper-thin video player in an ad that will appear in the Sept. 18 issue of Entertainment Weekly.

"FlashForward," which revolves around a mysterious occurrence when the entire world blacks out for a few minutes -- and witnesses the future -- bows Sept. 24. Skein hails from ABC Studios.

Source: Variety

Thanks to cypher80b for this update.

LAKE --> Reverse sound puzzle. Here is the sound when reversed:
Anyone recognize that language?

CITY --> Braille Code puzzle. Translates to "BLUE";

Also using the word FACE it appends to DOLL --> DOLL FACE
using the word BLUE it appends to CITY --> CITY BLUE

The Encrypted file is located here http://truthhack.com/encrypted/site/submit.php

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