7th Code Unlocked

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From the comments section
Puzzle 7: SALT
Gets you this puzzle http://truthhack.com/encrypted/site/puzzle_07_i...

Which subsequently leads you to this pdf file for printing out.

I'm not sure how to solve it. If anyone can give me a hint that'd be great.

To solve the puzzle:
cut out the 4x4 pattern and fold as if it was a "cootie catcher." Then fold to create the pattern that will reveal the letter. The first pattern of each pair is the front and the letter will be shown on the back, which is the second pattern in the pair.'
The solve is....................................................


Truth Hack - Unlocking The 6th Puzzle + Puzzle Solutions

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6th Lock Code
Unlock Keyword: company
Story: Andy
I am posting the solutions to the puzzles below. Do not read them if you want to figure them out yourself.

Puzzle 1

Puzzle 2
Solve: FACE

Puzzle 3

Puzzle 4
Solve: FIRE

Puzzle 5
Solve: BLUE

Puzzle 6
Solve: EIGHT

Variety Article - 3D Ads Featuring Bizarre Codes

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Hoping to attract a few more fanboys and gals to frosh thriller "FlashForward," ABC has started printing bizarre codes in certain print ads for the show.

When users hold the black-and-white codes up to a webcam, the picture on their computer screen turns into a 3-D ad for "FlashForward," featuring photos from the show. And if clicked, the pics turn into minute-plus clips from the show.

"It appears to play right out of the ad," said Darren Schillace, ABC Entertainment advertising/marketing veep. "Once you watch all the videos, it's a 10-minute experience. In the normal world, you'd never spend 10 minutes with a print ad." Dubbed "augmented reality," the experience was produced by ABC inhouse with help from its Web team.

Ads will appear in publications that target a tech-savvy audience, including Wired, Popular Mechanics and several gaming magazines. Users can also download the ad at the "FlashForward"-related website Jointhemosaic.com.

"We think it's fun and savvy enough for the group of fanboys that are out there," Schillace said.

The nets continue to look at ways to enhance their print ads: CBS, for example, is embedding a paper-thin video player in an ad that will appear in the Sept. 18 issue of Entertainment Weekly.

"FlashForward," which revolves around a mysterious occurrence when the entire world blacks out for a few minutes -- and witnesses the future -- bows Sept. 24. Skein hails from ABC Studios.

Source: Variety

Thanks to cypher80b for this update.

LAKE --> Reverse sound puzzle. Here is the sound when reversed:
Anyone recognize that language?

CITY --> Braille Code puzzle. Translates to "BLUE";

Also using the word FACE it appends to DOLL --> DOLL FACE
using the word BLUE it appends to CITY --> CITY BLUE

The Encrypted file is located here http://truthhack.com/encrypted/site/submit.php

Article Discussing The A.R.G.

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On October 6, 2009 at 2 PM PaTruthHack - FlashForwardcific Standard Time, everyone on the planet blacked out at exactly the same time (called the Global Blackout or GBO). During the 2 minutes and 17 seconds that passed, every person experienced a vision of where and what they were doing on April 29, over 6 months later. These visions are deemed by a government task force created to investigate the GBO as FlashForwards.

And thus begins the ABC series named after these visions: FlashForward. Co-created by Blade and The Dark Knight writer David S. Goyer and Star Trek writer/producer Brannon Braga, the series is slated to premiere on September 24th. But like a few other television and film projects, the series is integrating an ARG (Alternate Reality Game) to promote and build a community around the series. Using Internet videos, live events, original websites, and social networking sites, the FlashForward ARG strives to give players a truly immersive experience.

The game is currently two-pronged, having begun on July 23 with the launching of TruthHack.com, a video blog series reporting on the Global Blackout and run by Oscar Obregon, who according to his bio is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, and author of the international bestsellers ‘Parties/Over’ and ‘Fire Sale’. He has worked as a print and broadcast journalist for CurrentTV and the Los Angeles Bulletin, where he won the George Orwell Courage in Journalism award twice, in 1999 and 2001. Obregon is your classic middle-aged film noir journalist with a modern-day twist: he vlogs from what looks like his home office, asking his viewers to help with his investigation. The character is likable and the videos are well-shot and well-written.

The launching of TruthHack.com coincided with the beginning of ComicCon 2009, a tactic has been used by several other ARGs including The Fringe ARG of 2008, The Dark Knight ARG of 2007, and The Lost Experience of 2006. Employees of The Mosaic Collective recruited attendees to enter booths with a camera where they could share their FlashForward experiences and explain how they wanted to learn more about them. The idea here is that the more FlashForwards recorded, the more connections can be draw between them, eventually forming a clearer picture (or “mosaic”) of what occurred on April 29, 2010. And Obregon was there to report everything he had seen, even interviewing those who had been asked to participate in mysterious “follow-up interviews”.

The second prong of the game began with the launching last week of www.jointhemosaic.com, which contains all the data that The Mosaic Collective has gathered thus far as well as the ability for users to create profiles and add their own FlashForwards to the site. It’s a beautifully designed site and very easy to navigate. The soothing music playing throughout can get grating but it adds to the feeling that things may not be as they seem…

…because as Obregon notes, for a government-run project, they sure are putting more focus on the positive FlashForwards for his liking. As of this writing, he’s looking for help decoding an encrypted message he has received from an unknown source. So if you’re ready to jump down the rabbit hole of this game that would be the place to begin.

All in all, this is a very well-designed ARG that has an easy enough entry point (at least so far) for novice players to get involved quickly but a rich enough storyline to challenge veteran players. Because the premise covers every person on the planet, it appeals to a wide player-base and there is a lot of opportunity for player involvement. I only question the inclusion of the Obregon character. Though I enjoy the character and he does function as a connection to the audience, this is the third time in a short period where a reporter character is serving that function (the other two being Harper’s Globe and The
Vampire Diaries – A Darker Truth

Perhaps my thoughts can be summed up best by the words of Obregon himself: “Being optimistic and maintaining a healthy sense of skepticism are not mutually exclusive. And being snarky just for the sake of being snarky can distract you from the detail that might help you crack the case.”

SOURCE: TubeFilter

TruthHack Encrypted File Puzzle

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Head over too http://truthhack.com/encrypted/site/submit.php to find 3 locks and a submit button at the bottom.

You get the keyword ""divine" from Jorge story.

You get the keyword "utah" from Edgar's story.

Then head over to http://www.jointhemosaic.com/site/index.html#/STORIES/1 to view Josie's story and get the final Keyword "doll"

When you input "divine" in the submit button and click on the unlocked lock you get this puzzle http://truthhack.com/encrypted/site/puzzle_01_zymbiknublos.html Displays sWcNTtCEGRBau

When you input "doll" you get this puzzle http://truthhack.com/encrypted/site/puzzle_02_ecutizjwxkby.html It is a flash file of a '4' that emits a midi sound.

When you input "utah" you get this puzzle http://truthhack.com/encrypted/site/puzzle_03_olgisfqtetjk.html

LOS ANGELES – Cosmetic surgeries and fitness centers have attracted widespread criticism after launching marketing campaigns targeting people who saw themselves as overweight in their FlashForwards.

Marketing and advertising watchdog groups have filed complaints against 113 businesses in the past month alone, claiming such advertisements were sexist, predatory, offensive and demeaning.

One cosmetic surgery clinic in LA has been particularly inundated with complaints over billboards featuring a photograph of a naked, overweight woman, accompanied by the slogan: “Can’t face tomorrow? Be beautiful today.”

A spokesperson representing the cosmetic surgery industry in California says the industry has reported a 900% increase in consultations since the Global Blackout. “It’s one of the biggest spikes in business we’ve seen in the history of the field,” he said. “FlashForwards are making us re-evaluate what we want our futures to be. We’re simply giving people information: ‘If you don’t want to look like this six months from now, we can help.’

Another prominent LA gym franchise has also been targeted with complaints after publishing print advertisements targeting teenage girls. However, the gym’s spokesperson insisted the campaign was legitimate and simply catering to a demand.

“America’s in the middle of an obesity crisis,” he said. “Those FlashForwards just confirmed that by sticking a big mirror in front of our faces. Young people are starting to realize weight-loss won’t just happen to them. We’re just kicking them in the butt and asking, ‘You really want to be the same person six months from now?’”

However, many psychologists have also argued that such advertisements were dangerous. One specialist, who specializes in eating disorders in young people, said that such direct and forceful marketing was “abusive.”

“It’s coarse,” she said. “America might be going through a national obesity problem at the moment, but we’re also experiencing a national crisis of self-loathing and depression. Exploiting our fears and FlashForwards to make some money? That’s about as low as you can get.”

Source: TruthHack

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